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26 Juni 2018

Wireless Workbench offers total control of networked Shure Systems to provide an interface to manage every facet of a performance. Includes savable parameters, Shure scanning hardware, detailed visibility of spectrum, and Coordination Workspace.


  • Automatic discovery of networked Shure devices
  • Profiles for select third-party wireless devices included
  • Label, organize, and configure device parameters
  • Configure multiple wireless devices at once with batch edits
  • Presets enable users to save sets of parameters to a file and quickly apply them to one or more selected devices.


  • Continuously scan from networked Shure scanning hardware
  • Frequency plot provides detailed visibility of usable spectrum
  • Use Coordination Workspace to analyze, calculate and deploy frequencies to inventory based on scan data
  • Prioritize and allocate spectrum for channels with Inclusion Groups
  • Assign compatible frequencies to networked Shure wireless devices
  • Scan peaks can be managed and classified with greater flexibility and extended equipment profiles.
  • Intermod spacings can be ignored for groups of frequencies during frequency coordination.
  • Coordination order customization can be performed ad-hoc in the Coordination Workspace.



  • Real-time audio, RF, and battery metering per channel
  • Channel strip designer allows for customization of viewable settings
  • Configure and store multiple channel strip arrangements
  • Configurable interference and hardware alerts
  • Timeline is a new logging utility designed to capture important channel status information over time, such as RF level, audio level, interference detection, ShowLink® Signal Strength, and more. This feature records data for extended durations with efficient file storage, enabling users to accurately archive and review the performance of their wireless systems.


  • Remote Device Connection enables users to connect Wireless Workbench to devices across subnets.
  • Access Control enables devices to be protected from unauthorized changes via Shure software.


WWB 6.12.4 is now available for download at https://www.shureasia.com/en/products/software/wwb6.

New Features in 6.12.4

  • WWB6 is now translated in 9 new languages - The WWB6 application and help system have been translated into 9 new languages, including: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese
  • U.S. 600 MHz Conversion Tool - In response to the 600 MHz Incentive Auction (United States only), Shure has created a utility that enables users with gear operating in the 600 MHz range to convert the bands of these devices so that they can continue to be used within legal ranges. For more information, go to www.shure.com/600mhz

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