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Neutrik opticalCON DRAGONFLY Cable

13 April 2019

Pre-assembled female-male SMPTE cable with 2 lensed single-mode ferrules and 4 copper pins.

DRAGONFLY is more robust, reliable and easier to maintain than common hybrid camera signal transmission systems. With technology based on fiber lenses and fusion splicing, Neutrik’s DRAGONFLY achieves an extremely robust signal with minimal loss. The optical connection is exceptional well protected against dirt and dust by its lenses and an additional sealing cover.

The cable connector comes pre-assembled. Spare parts are available as single components as well. Suitable chassis connectors are NO2MW-XP and NO2FW-XP.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for indoor (studio) and outdoor (OB-Truck) camera links according to SMPTE standard
  • Waterproof according to IP68 safety standard in mated condition
  • Ruggedized and dirt protected hybrid connection system 
    • 2 unique lensed optical connectors
    • 2 signal contacts
    • 2 power contacts
    • 1 ground contact
  • Easy to repair
  • Accommodates a unique lensed optical fusion splice connector
  • Robust and reliable: all-metal housing, overall copper braided shield, stainless steel strength member, strong black PUR outer jacket, spring loaded push-pull locking and strong cable retention
  • Excellent dust and dirt protection
  • Available in different lengths and packing versions


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