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CX-Q Series

Q-SYS CX-Q Series network amplifiers combine a legacy of robust power amplifiers, advancements in high-efficiency output devices, and native network transport, control and monitoring capabilities. CX-Q Series features four-and eight-channel models, capable of delivering customized power output loading and a total maximum power of up to 8000 W. Low impedance, 70 V or 100 V direct drive are available on all channels.

Q-SYS Platform integration
Seamless drag-and-drop integration with Q-SYS, providing audio transport, control and rich status data, providing superior system performance far beyond third-party amplifier solutions. Furthermore, cryptographically signed firmware hardens the security of your amplifier.

High-efficiency & improved performance
5th generation high-efficiency, Class-D hybrid powertrain design built upon the dependable PL380 PowerLight™ amplifier platform, offering both high voltage and high current operation with excellent audio quality and thermal performance. 

Flexible & efficient power distribution
Two Q-SYS signature technology innovations (FlexAmp™ and FAST Technology) are combined to allow for asymmetric output channel loading and support a wide variety of load options, making for an incredibly versatile amplifier platform and eliminating the need for multiple specialty amplifiers.

Onboard GPIO
Eight bi-directional GPIO connections, accessible anywhere on the Q-SYS network, provide further control integration opportunities for third-party peripherals.

Energy saving modes
Built-in energy saving modes ensure that CX-Q Series amplifiers draw the minimum amount of AC power while still providing outstanding audio quality.