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EX15 - Full Range 3 way Active Speaker System

The New EX15 introduces a three way design to the successful EX loudspeaker range. Incorporating a unique coaxial 15" transducer with a 1.75" Nitride Titanium Compression Driver, while many coaxial speakers struggle in their attempt to cover the entire frequency range, the EX15's coaxial driver is only required to deliver the low and high frequencies. This leaves the all important mid range to a dedicated horn loaded 6" neodymium speaker, allowing the 15" to deliver accurate and deep bass, an area in which it excels, rather than trying to also reproduce a compromised mid range above its natural frequency window for optimum speed and dynamic musical performance. The EX15's unique approach, featuring 1000W of dedicated Tri-amplified electronics, provides an extremely natural, truly full range sound from a compact yet powerful package that out performs many speakers twice its size.


  • Unique coaxial 15” transducer with a 1.75” Nitride Titanium Compression Driver on a wide dispersion horn covering low and high frequencies
  • 6” neodymium speaker mounted on a large 80 x 60 degree horn covers mid range
  • 1000W of dedicated Tri-amplified electronics
  • Compact Three way Full range solution
  • Extremely natural full range sound from a compact yet powerful package, that out performs many speakers twice its size

Designed for the highest quality vocal and full range live performance in medium size applications

  • Suitable for medium to large conference, Theatre and small to medium scale concerts
  • Scalable from stand alone to full range large systems incorporating EX subwoofers
  • Fixed installations
  • Stage monitoring

EX15 Technical Data Sheet

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