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EX26 - High Intelligibility Active Speaker System

The EX26 is a unique Loudspeaker unit that provides superb vocal intelligibility and high quality musical reproduction. Its 100 x 100 degree horn provides for wide, even coverage making it ideal for audio visual presentations, churches, meeting rooms and various other applications where high quality speech reproduction is required. The EX26 makes an ideal under balcony fill speaker when used in a horizontal orientation.


  • Professional, Baltic birch construction with wear resistant polymer coating
  • 124dB sustained output, 127dB peak with very high dynamic range and low noise floor
  • 370W of total power with complete on-board speaker management system
  • 350W high efficiency, current enhancing, switching low frequency amplifier
  • Very high quality 20W, low IM distortion, Class AB, high frequency amplifier with transformer balanced output
  • Compact low profile cabinet design allows for use as a front fill or in under balcony applications with high pass filter to adjust equalization and phase response
  • Wide dispersion 100° H x 100° V horn
  • New patent pending 1.75" (44 mm) Nitride Titanium diaphragm compression driver with complex geometry phase plug for higher output, exceptionally low distortion, extended frequency response and neodymium magnet structure
  • Two 6" woofers feature neodymium magnetic motor structures that dramatically increase force, lower distortion and provide increased frequency response linearity
  • Proprietary top handle design for simplified handling and carrying, integrates one M10 suspension point, OmnimountTM bracket point and four M6 points
  • Additional side and bottom M10 points for flexible bracket, rigging and installation options
  • "Top-hat" pole mount fitted at the base of the cabinet
  • LED indicators for signal present and Power ON status

Purposely designed as a stand-alone unit for extremely high quality vocal reproduction and output

  • Church and houses of worship
  • Conference and presentations
  • Front of stage and balcony infill
  • Full range portable PA when used with subwoofers for larger Multi-Media applications and small live music applications

EX26 Technical Data Sheet

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