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MVi - Digital Audio Interface

The small but powerful creation bridges the analog world to the digital world.

With MVi’s analog-digital interface, get motivated to produce great music with your favorite dynamic or condenser microphones, or any acoustic instruments that comes with XLR or ¼” output. Be overwhelmed by the great sounds inspired on-the-go.

Bridging Analog and Digital World perfectly
Fit for both microphone and musical instrument input, MVi Digital Audio Interface converts analog signals to digital signals. Thanks to 24-bit uncompressed digital processing, every bit of your digital output will sound as good as its analog origin.

The Powered play
Each MVi comes with built-in phantom power supplies to summon up to 48 V. The XLR and 1/4“ combo jack is compatible to any dynamic or condenser microphones as well as musical instruments.

Mobile, strong and resilient
Highly portable with rugged all-metal structure, MVi is robust enough to withstand the most demanding recording occasions. Besides Apple-certified to work seamlessly with any iOS devices with Lightning connector*, MVi can work equally well with Mac and PC via USB.

Touch your music
No more fussing over the sound settings. You can now focus on your tunes as MVi has enhanced your productivity digitally with intuitive onboard touch panel and real-time monitoring. Toggle with 5 DSP Preset modes (Speech, Signing, Flat, Acoustic instrument and Loud), or adjust gain, mute, headphone volumes to hear immediate response.

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