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Brand Overview : Control4

Control4 makes Everyday Easy.™ We give you simple, practical control of your music, movies, lights, temperature and security system from anywhere in your home or anywhere in the world.

Our wired and wireless, easy-to-use products make your home your favorite place to be by bringing a new level of effortless entertainment, peace of mind, and comfort and convenience to you and your family. Control4 is the platform for the digital home.


Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use - Control home theater, multi-room music, lights, temperature and security systems through simple, intuitive user interfaces for effortless entertainment, comfort and convenience, and peace of mind.
  • Easy to install - Enjoy quick, hassle-free installations in new construction or existing homes thanks to Control4's standards-based wired and wireless home-control solutions.
  • Incredible value - Experience robust, high-performance home control at a fraction of the price of other solutions.
  • Modular solution - Start by controlling a single room or a single function - like lighting - and easily add features and functionality wherever you want when it makes sense for you.
  • Total control - Control your music, theater, lighting, temperature, security and almost any electronic device with Control4. And you always have control of your system because the programming is stored on the controller.

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