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The K-RIG consists of the KT2.0 fully horn loaded mid/high module, KT2.15 sub bass cabinet and the K-PAK 2600 proprietary amplification and control system. It is a fully active with three amplifiers in the K-PAK driving the bass, mids and highs. This allows for optimal control, protection and output from each of the system components. The end result will astound you.

While smaller active systems may perform adequately at certain levels they all run out of punch when it comes to covering large crowds. As the level increases the dynamic range disappears and you end up with a distorted flat sound with little depth. The K-RIG will remain dynamic and punchy up to levels twice that of most conventional top box and sub configurations. Designed and manufactured in Europe, K-RIG is quick and easy to setup, incorporates the highest quality components and will deliver incredible results night after night. It will rock your world at a price that won't rock your budget.