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JK - DI Boxes

KV2’s JK series represents the pinnacle in DI technology, by o­ffering a higher headroom and lower output impedance, than any other DI on the market. This simply means the JK Series can deliver crystal clear, distortion free audio from the hottest sources, without a hint of signal degradation over greater distance. KV2 has optimized the use of phantom power with a special switching power supply on the JK Series, to enable an impressive 20 volts of peak power on the internal rails. This allows the JK Series to deliver 50 Ohms on the XLR output giving true line driver capability delivering greater audio integrity and the ability to send high quality signal four times the distance of it’s nearest competitor.

All JK Series DI boxes are hand built in the Czech Republic utilizing high quality components and transformers. Full transformer balancing ensures the highest possible signal integrity without interference from RF or ground loops. The heavy-duty steel enclosure provides maximum protection for the electronics and further shielding against external interference. KV2 stands by the build quality of these units with a full 5-year warranty.