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When multiple low mid drivers are arrayed on a single axis they sum providing a considerable increase in the amount of low mid energy present and available in the 200Hz to 500Hz range. A lot more energy is needed in this area than in the higher frequency ranges so this summing effect helps deliver headroom in the system and keeps the overall sound balanced. To provide the required energy in the low mid, needed to cover very large audiences KV2 developed the VHD8.10 Low Mid Expansion Box. This enclosure carries a further 8 front?loaded ten inch speakers and 3 of these cabinets are added to each VHD5. 0. This provides a total of 32 ten inch speakers giving the extra headroom needed in the low mid band and extended projection of these frequencies over distance.

Designed as a dedicated low mid enclosure to accompany the VHD5.0 mid high module as part of the VHD5 system

  • Medium to large concert venues
  • Fixed installation
  • Outdoor events

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