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Introducing QSC K.2 Series
Introducing QSC K.2 Series

New K.2 Series Loudspeakers

Introducing the K.2 Series, the highly anticipated next generation of our global best-selling K Family line of powered loudspeakers. The new K.2 Series, which is comprised of the 8-inch K8.2, 10-inch K10.2 and 12-inch K12.2 full-range loudspeakers, offers a number of significant feature upgrades, establishing an entirely new standard in powered loudspeaker technology.

  • 2000-watt power module - Carefully matched to high-performance woofers and compression drivers for optimal power and clarity. 
  • Preset contours - For applications such as 
    • Stage Monitor 
    • Dance Music 
    • Musical Instrument Amplification 
    • Hand-held Microphone and more
  • Storable scenes - Recall user-configurable settings using the loudspeakers' LCD screen and control panel such as: input type, delay, EQ, cross-over and selected contour.

  • Main PA or floor monitor - All three models, including the K8.2. 

  • Flexible deployment options - Dual pole cup with straight-firing and 7.5-degree down-tilt. Other mounting options include eyebolt kits and yokes for flown, wall- or truss-mounting. 


New KS212C Cardioid Subwoofer

The perfect complement to both the new K.2 loudspeaker line as well as legacy K Series full-range models, the new KS212C Cardioid Subwoofer represents a breakthrough in innovation and design, uniquely providing all the benefits of a cardioid subwoofer array in a single, compact enclosure. 

  • 3,600 Watt power module - Class D amplifier delivers deep, powerful and punchy extended lows. 
  • Dual 12-inch long-excursion drivers - Arranged in a 6th order band-pass chamber, drivers are controlled by the system’s DSP to produce a staggering 15 dB more output at the front of the cabinet than at the rear. 
  • Advanced DSP - Like the K.2 Series, the KS212C provides advanced DSP with on-board user-controllable and recallable Scenes via the LCD screen and control panel. 




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