Frequently Asked Questions

What is “electrostatic earphone technology”?
Similar to the inverse relationship between dynamic microphones and dynamic speakers:
Audio source via a vibrating membrane magnetically produces electronic impulse (dynamic microphone) as opposed to electronic impulse magnetically produces audio via a vibrating membrane (dynamic speaker)
Electrostatic technology can be understood as the inverse of condenser microphone technology:
Audio (force) exerted on a membrane suspended in an electronic field producing electronic impulses (condenser microphone), as opposed to electronic impulses exerted on a membrane suspended in an electronic field producing audio (electrostatic speaker)
What is the benefit of electrostatic earphone compare with other technology?
The diaphragm of an electrostatic drivers is nearly massless, therefore can move quickly with a much greater precision. This allows for a very fast transient response for most accurate sound reproduction.
The KSE1500 can process both digital and analog input signals? What is the benefit of having both DAC and ADC functionality?
The KSE1500 contains both DAC and ADC conversion, providing the flexibility to be used for both digital and analog inputs.
The digital-to-analog converter (DAC) allows for a digital audio signal to be converted from binary signal (1s and 0s) into the analog audio waveform that represents the original sound of the program material.
The analog-to-digital Converter (ADC) allows an analog source input to be converted into digital signal which can then be routed through the digital DSP (EQ) and then convert it back to analog after processing using the DAC.
Can I use the earphones with another amplifier, or with my portable media player? Can I use my own headphones or earphones with the DAC amplifier?
As they are designed to work specifically together, both components of the KSE1500 Electrostatic Earphone System feature 6-pin LEMO connectivity that delivers the specific bias voltages (or signal levels) from the amplifier that are necessary to drive the electrostatic earphones. There is no standard 1/8” (3.5 mm) connectivity option on either component, nor is it recommended to attempt to use any other LEMO connector device with either component.
Can the earphone cable of KSE1500 be detachable?
No. The technology within the KSE1500 does not allow for cable detachability or cable replacement.
Is it safe to use the KSE1500 while charging?
Yes, the KSE1500 is designed for use while charging from a laptop or the provided power supply.
Is it safe to charge the KSE1500 with a portable battery bank?
The KSE1500 can be charged by battery pack with the following specifications: 5V, 500mA min, 2A max input, max current draw at 1A.
Is there any concern to use KSE1500 in dry or humid environment?
No, the products are tested to be used without problem in dry or humid environment.
What is parametric EQ?
Parametric EQ allows the user to adjust Frequency, Gain or attenuation, and Bandwidth or Q factor of a given EQ filter.
For the user-defined EQ settings, what will happen if, say, point 2 is swept after point 3 (point 2 at 4KHz, point 3 at 1KHz)? What about if points overlap?
[Ex.: point 1 at 500Hz +4dB and point 2 at 500Hz +5dB - does this result in a combined +9dB at 500Hz or is there a maximum cap?]
Filter points 1 and 4 will never overlap each other, but points 1,2,3, or 2,3,4 can overlap, and the frequency changes of overlapping filters will sum together, though the graphic representation on the screen will only visually show ±6 dB of change. Overlapped points will add together, however the display screen will not show anything past 6 dB of change. In a normal situation, 6 dB of gain or reduction is plenty, but the EQ will boost or cut more than that if two filter points are together.
Does the KSE1500 require “burn-in”?
According to our testing, measurements of the driver’s performance do not change over time. But we do not discount that some people experience “burn in” phenomenon because there are many different aspects of hearing which are highly subjective.
What is the warranty period?
All KSE1500 sold within the Asia pacific region have 2 years limited warranty.